My Re-Dedication To Artemis and Apollo Experience

So as I stated I was kinda just into meditation and buddhism kinda renounced my faith in Hellenistic Paganism for a while which helped in the moment get me through some hard times. But I got some very big signs from Artemis and Apollo after starting practicing the Craft lately so last night I did a Re-Dedication to Artemis and Apollo and promised never to leave them again no matter what anyone said and I felt so much energy and so much calm and love and warmth from them as if I never left which makes sense because they never left me they sent me messages like Crow’s and my fascination with getting back into tarot and astrology and Mercury Retrograde! So I’m so glad to have done that I feel loved and whole once more. Also in the next week or so I want to do another Dedication Ritual to Hecate and Prometheus! So I can have the powers of home, hearth, magic, human instincts, and foresight!

Religious Concepts

Atheist, Agnostic, Pagan, Wiccan, Polytheistic, or Monotheistic


Atheist: Latin for believer of no God

Agnostics: Latin for no knowledge of God or plainly not wanting to be wrong

Pagan or Neopagan: Latin for “peasant” but commonly used to describe the believers of the older Gods and Goddesses and or practicaner of magick usually not all white magick though

Wiccan: Latin for witch or wizard mainly witch and someone who abides by the Wiccan Rede An Ye Harm None Do As Ye Will instead of pagans who usually practice gray or black magick along with white

Polytheistic: Belief in multiple Gods and Goddesses i.e. Wiccan Paganism Druidism, Hinduism

Monotheistic: Belief in one God I.e. Judaism, Christianity, and Islamic

Aura’s, Kundalini, and Chakra Meditations, Readings, and Magicks for Beginners


Aura’s: Energy Fields around your body sometimes visible to trained individuals but not always sometimes can be masked or Glamoured by magicks by Witches or experienced Magi

Kundalini: Is a Sanskrit term for “Snake”, “Energy”, split into three energy types that travel throughout your body to Nadis “energy points”. Ida being the coolest of the three energies, Pingala the hottest, and sushumna the middle way. Once all three energetic ways are balanced and Kundalini is released throughout the chakras you achieve Spiritual Thusness or an Awakening

Chakra: The 6 main Nadis and a 7th not a Chakra but more of a presence of Spirit in all beings. They are 1. Muladhara (Root) 2. Svadhisthana (Sacral) 3. Nabhi-Manipura (Solar Plexus ) 4. Anahata (Heart) 5. Vishuddhi (Throat) 6. Ajna (Third Eye) 7. (Crown) Sahasrara. They are the main vehicles or lotus’s that Kundalini travels through on her journey throughout your life.

Mantras for Chakras:

Base: Lam

Sacral: Vam

Solar Plexus: Ram

Heart: Yam

Throat: Ham

Third Eye: Om

Crown: Om

Meditate on those base sounds and imagery of Kundalini releasing slowly while meditating or praying for certain aspects of your life to come to fruition.

For example each Chakra stands for something look at image’s below

If you want your communication skills to improve say Ham in your mind during meditation and ritualistic prayer or spells incorporate Vishuddha or the Throat Chakra

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